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Our mission as a department is to be a key node of geographical knowledge production and dissemination, through both teaching and research, within Asia and globally.

The GIS Unit of the department seeks to spearhead the use of GIS across the various research disciplines and reach beyond the research realm in order to shape the GIS ecosystem in the campus. This bold mission is achieved through multiple initiatives across research, teaching, administration, operations and enterprise in turn grow the community of Geo-professionals for the university and for the industry.

Capacity Building for the Geospatial Industry

Application for our Master of Science in Applied GIS programme is now open! click here to find out more.
For undergraduates, we offer four GIS-focused modules to help tackle the demand for Geo-professionals in this rapidly growing industry.


students completed
Introduction to GIS


students completed
Cartography and Visualisation


students completed
GIS Design and Practices

*Statistics from Academic Year 2014 to 2017*

Resources & Student Works

Over the past few years, we have worked on multiple projects ranging from undergraduate work, research work, publications, strategic intiatives, industry consultations and collaborations with various NUS research entities & administrative offices. Below are some screenshots of available GIS resources done by the team, as well as research works by our MSc students.

Historical Maps of Singapore

31 digitized historical maps of Singapore from 1846 till present

Most Photogenic Spots of Singapore

Heatmap of photos taken in Singapore by Flickr users

Chinese Food Market: WebGIS Project

WebGIS & digital data visualization project by MSc in Applied GIS candidates

Real Time Taxi Availability

Spatial visualization of real time taxi availability in Singapore


Located at AS2 #03-13, the GIS Lab can comfortably seat 40 students and is equipped with various GIS & remote sensing software. The laboratory is used extensively for tutorials and practical assignments on GIS spatial analyses and satellite image processing. As a GIS Lab, it is equipped with two projectors to project slides side-by-side with interactive maps.

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Linked Projects

NUS Maps (Virtual NUS)

by NUS Living Lab

  • Mobile Navigation App for NUS Community Travel
  • Detailed Indoor Floor Plans
  • Amenities Locations
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by NUS Chinese Studies

  • Database of Singapore Temples
  • Mapping of Temple Movements
  • Chinese Cemetery & Clan movements
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Then & Now

by NUS GIS Strategic Initiative

  • SLA StreetDirectory Maps
  • From 1954
  • To 1995
  • Digitised & Georeferenced
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Map Library

The Map Library or Map Resource Unit has about 25,000 maps - including large and small scale topographic series, geological maps as well as a collection of valuable historical maps. The Unit is continuously expanding its collection of topographic sheets on Southeast Asia. It also contains the Department's Geography theses. The maps can be consulted within the Unit by students and the public. The theses may also be borrowed out by Teaching Staff, Honours Students and Graduate Students. Digitisation efforts are ongoing to have the map library go digital in the near future.

Meet the Team

The GIS Unit is a virtual group supported by multiple participating staff and students of the department. It currently has a strength of two faculty staff and a research fellow supported by a manager, a resident librarian, a cartographer and a lab technologist. Students, both undergraduates and graduates, are employed on ad-hoc basis to assist on projects whenever the need arise. Primarily, the unit is actively led by the following members:

FENG Chen-Chieh

Associate Professor & Director of MSc in Applied GIS

Research interests: GIScience, Data modeling, Ontology, Spatial epidemiology

WANG Yi-Chen

Associate Professor & Vice-Chair of Undergraduate Studies Committee, Geography

Research interests: Landscape ecology, GIS and remote sensing applications, Spatial epidemiology

GUO Zhou

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Remote Sensing, High resolution image data, GIS, LIDAR Point processing, Human Mobility, Machine Learning

MA Siyuan

GIS Manager, Department of Geography

GIS applications, Spatial data science

Former Staff

KIM Ick-Hoi (Rick)

Senior Research Fellow

Research Interests: Geospatial cyberinfrastructure, high-performance computing(HPC), Internet GIS, simulation modeling, spatial demography

Raymond HUANG

Project Manager, NUS Living Lab

Get in Touch

This is a personal page that belongs to A/P Feng Chen-Chieh and is used as an informal landing page to help showcase projects that the GIS Unit participates in.

We would love to hear from you any feedback that may lead to better usability of GIS or spatial techniques to support your academic research and/or module teaching. If you are interested in using any of our existing work in your preferred software for research or module teaching, do drop an email to our GIS Manager Siyuan Ma and we will get back to you with suggestions as soon as we can.